John Curtis:

Former Democrat.
Tax Hiker.

John Curtis was a registered Democrat:

John Curtis supported raising taxes seven times:

The7 Deadly Taxes

#1 New Property Tax

Curtis asked for "a new property tax for road maintenance"

#2 Gas Tax Hike

Supported a gas tax hike in 2015

HB362 imposed a 12 percent sales tax on gas.

#3 Rap Tax

$12 million over a ten year period. Sales tax increase for Provo residents. John Curtis’ proposal.

“Mayor John Curtis said the tax will be a boon to the city.”

“This is a win-win situation,” Curtis said. “It comes down to how we do it best.”

#4 Proposition 1

“Prop 1 would cost the average person $20 - 24 a year.”

Utah County voters rejected Proposition 1 and John Curtis’ efforts to increase taxes. John Curtis actively promoted this tax and even authored and signed the “For” argument that was published on the voter pamphlet. Thankfully, Utah County voters soundly defeated John Curtis.

#5 & 6 2016 Utility Fees AND


John Curtis supported and pushed two tax increases on the backs of residents of Provo in the same year. In the 2016 budget, John Curtis increased utility fees and property taxes. Despite these increases in 2016, John Curtis would again push for a tax increase in Provo’s 2017 budget.


Are you seeing a pattern?

The Mayor’s 2017 budget had yet another proposal for a property tax increase.

Thankfully the council voted it down!